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Why consider buying packing slips and shipping labels?

In a world where drones are quickly transforming the logistics and shipment processes, attaining customer satisfaction through traditional methods is tough. Customers are turning demanding and you need to give due attention to smaller details especially those associated with –

– Financial aspects of placing an order

– buying packing slips and shipping labels

– Designing a system to keep customers informed about estimated delivery times

– Maintaining proofs of shipment and delivery 

– Handling returns 

Why choose to buy the right packing slips and shipping labels? 

When you decide to invest in the right shipping accessories then choosing the right details and paying attention to client expectations can go a long way in defining your service quality parameters. 

Thus when you decide to buy packing slips and shipping labels through professionals then you can instantly notice a spurt in customer reorders. 

Investments into these solutions don’t go unnoticed and this is why the same is a crucial part of your ordering, fulfillment, and packaging process.

Further, these help you to list items in the selected order for ease and convenience of all. Further, shipping personnel uses them for reference purposes and to ease the ordering process.

Even though labels can be stuck on the shipping box and the packaging slips must be placed inside but the latter can help you to market products, define critical aspects of an existing order, etc. 

‍Are packing slips and invoices identical?

No, both packing slips and invoices are not identical even though customers may use them synonymously. With the best packaging slips, you can easily list products that go inside your package.

Contrary to the packing slips, the invoices have information like –

– Units and their prices

– Prices and discounts

– Payment methods

– Payment terms and conditions, etc.

‍Is there a difference between packing slips and shipping labels?

The shipping label is important as it contains details of origin, destination, tracking barcode, address, shipping class, etc.

Shippers may sometimes use packing slips to serve as shipping labels. They use transparent envelopes and then stick them to the package. This still needs shipping information and thus you again need to create the labels to get tracking barcodes.

On the other hand, packing slips carry the following information –

  • Stock keeping units or SKU
  • Universal product code or UPC for referencing shipped items
  • Details of the shipped items
  • Units of each item, etc.

Are packing slips useful?

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose packing slips –

  • Verify shipped items
  • The shipped items must match customer orders. To avoid forgetting a packed item or packaging the wrong ones, all items must match the given orders.
  • Track items split into different packages 
  • For businesses with multiple delivery venues, managing shipments can be tough. Handling the supply chain and procuring orders from different suppliers can make a mess unless handled adequately. To avoid the same, use packing slips to ease the shipments.
  • Identify damaged and unused items 
  • Sending a damaged package can increase your business losses and cause problems. To avoid losses, and theft, having packing slips means that you get to identify – 
  • Items damaged during the transit
  • Undelivered or untraceable items
  • Missed items, etc.

Similarly, to process refunds, such packing slips are important

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