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Tilt And Turn Vs. Casement Windows: Which Is Best For Your Home Or Office?

When building or renovating a house, choose the best windows to give a fresh look or upgrade. The choice is more challenging than it seems due to the many factors involved. Considerations like window material keep you on your toes, ensuring you select the best windows for your home or office.

Tilt and turn windows and casement windows are some of the best options if you’re looking for a modern window for your space. Before choosing between the two, read more about these windows and why they’re the next best choice. Experts recommend these options for all contemporary home or office owners. 

Casement Windows: What Are They? 

Casement windows have hinges, allowing the window to open outward. Manufacturers can place the hinge on the top so the window opens from the bottom. This window design is well-loved among contemporary homeowners due to its versatility. You also get more configurations from this design than from other traditional window designs. 

The Advantages of Installing Casement Windows 

  • These windows are versatile since they sot most home or office styles 
  • Casement windows are energy efficient 
  • These windows offer the best views when open or shut 
  • Homes and offices enjoy good aeration since the window opens outward 
  • Casement windows are easy to clean 

Despite the benefits of casement windows, you must be cautious about where to install them. These windows could be better if they opened towards a walkway. Instead, sliding casement windows or ones opening into the home or office are a better choice. The casement window size is limited since the framing must support the glass’s weight.

Tilt and Turn Design for Windows 

These windows open in two ways. The hinge allows you to open the window inwards or tilt it from the bottom so it opens at an angle. Either way, the windows encourage aeration and light to enter residential and commercial spaces.

The Pros

  • Tilt-and-turn windows are perfect for balconies because they open inward
  • You open the window fully or at an angle depending on the aeration you need 
  • These windows are child and pet safe 
  • Since they open inward, they are easy to clean
  • Tilt and turn windows are highly secure

A disadvantage to consider is possible obstruction since the window opens inwards. If the home or office layout does not accommodate this, you must move things around or choose other window designs.

Casement Vs. Tilt and Turn Windows: Which to Choose?

It is now clear how to differentiate these two window designs. How do you choose one to fit your space perfectly? Your taste and preference determine if casement, tilt, and turn windows are the best.

Tilt and turn are unsuitable if you have limited space inside. On top of that, casement windows are the wrong option if there’s a walkway right outside the window. Look beyond design when choosing between these two window designs. Security, budget, aesthetic value, and energy efficiency are also important factors.

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