Wireless Networks & Applications

M.Tech. Wireless Networks & Applications: What You Need To Know

M.Tech. Wireless Networks & Applications is a course offered by many universities across the globe. The course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of wireless networks and their applications. In order to be successful in the course, students need to have a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science. Additionally, students should be familiar with basic networking concepts

Wireless Networks & Applications

A wireless network is a type of computer network that uses wireless data connections between network nodes. Wireless networks are commonly used in home and office networks, public hotspots, and other locations where wired networks are not feasible or convenient. 

M.Tech. Wireless Networks & Applications is a two-year program that trains students in the design, analysis, and deployment of wireless networks. The program is designed for working professionals and recent graduates who want to enter the field of wireless networking. The curriculum covers topics such as network design, performance analysis, and security. The program culminates in a capstone project, in which students deploy a wireless network in a real-world setting.

Using a Wireless Communication System

Making Calls

Press the Talk button on your wireless handset, or press the Call button on your vehicle’s console. The phone automatically dials the last number used. If you want to call a different number, press the scroll buttons until you find it, and then press Select/Dial.

Connecting Devices

There are several different ways to connect devices in a wireless communication system. The most common method involves using radio waves, which are broadcast between two or more devices. This type of technology is used in cell phones and other mobile devices, as well as in Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth connections. Infrared waves are also used in some systems to transmit data between devices over short distances.

Accessing the Internet

A wireless communication system is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other without the use of a wired connection. Systems are used for multiple purposes, including business, entertainment, and home automation. Connecting devices in a wireless communication system can be done through various methods, including radio waves or infrared waves.

Enhance Security

The use of wireless communication systems has become increasingly popular. Many people are now using these devices to improve their business and enhance their personal lives. They have also helped in enhancing security in our homes and offices by allowing us to connect with each other easily.

The use of wireless communication systems has also improved the way we do our work. Nowadays, you can find people who work at home using these devices to communicate with their clients or customers.

For Locating and Tracking

Wireless communication systems are used to locate people or objects. If a person goes missing or an object is believed to be stolen, then this type of system is used to find them. This is done by using a GPS tracking device that sends signals back to a command center where the person being tracked will appear on a map.


In conclusion, students who are interested in pursuing a career in wireless networks and applications should research the different degree programs available to them. They should also consider the type of work they would like to do and where they would like to work before making a decision about which program is right for them. With the right amount of research and planning, students can find the perfect M.Tech. program to support their professional aspirations.

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