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Win in the Cyber Space with The 3 Guaranteed Strategies

The Internet has altered the way we spent our days and communicated with each other. It has changed the way we expressed our opinions and the way we validated other perspectives. And most importantly, it has ensured that we stay connected to our loved ones even if we are thousands of miles away from them.

And all it needs to experience is to show up online. This means that when I subscribed to my Charter Internet and showed up online, there is no limit to what I can do. In this cyber space, we can share info, express ourselves, incubate ideas, create memories, transfer energy, empower others, spread laughter and joy, and the list goes on. If you are actively doing all this, you are on your way to having a solid online presence already.

Let’s discuss how you can win in the online space.

Be Yourself Because You Are Unique

Nothing can be more unique than your own self. There is just one you in the whole world. Your mind, your thought process, your vision, and your ideas, they are all unique and one of a kind. Embrace yourself. Give yourself the confidence to express yourself. You will end up creating authentic and unique posts about your thoughts and perspectives on life. Because your vision is authentic and unique.

Take this instance. You and your best friend go on a staycation together. You guys wear the same outfits and have somewhat the same level of knowledge. You go with the same intention of relaxation and exploration. Yet, you both experience something entirely different. Why is that? That’s because you both are two different people. As simple as that!

This emphasis on authenticity may sound clichéd. But it is true. Your life experiences, perspectives, emotions, and take on things are unique. And if you master the art of expressing your original self and feelings, you will have a truly interested audience to listen to you. Have you heard of imposter syndrome? It can be a huge proponent while sharing stuff online. don’t fall for it. And remember that even if a subject has been shared and discussed online already, don’t be reluctant to share it. Your stance and delivery will be unique because you are different.

Be Curious but Don’t Compare

Whether it is on blogs, social media, or any other online forum, you need to make a shift to curiosity from the comparison. You need to nurture positivity within yourself. Look for greatness and take inspiration from others. Remember how we used to be when we were kids? We wondered about everything and questioned everything. Our parents and teachers had no choice but to answer so many “Whys” which we kept throwing at them.

Rev up your curiosity levels for those who are successful on social media, blogs, and other online spaces. And get rid of the comparison. DO NOT compare what they have and how happy they look with your situation. Comparison always brings negativity.

Instead, always look for the greatness within them. Inspire yourself and look for the same greatness within yourself. Be a proactive learner and stay positive. If you feel unhappy next time whilst you are consuming somebody’s content, ask yourself how can you come closer to a more profound and great version of yourself. Switch from scarcity mindset to an abundant one, from an unhappy, deprived state to an empowered one. Remember you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Don’t Force-Share, Do When It Feels Right

While posting online, make sure it is not forced. Wait for the right moment and a fitting situation. A cohesive feed is a satisfactory thing. For instance, you go on someone’s Instagram profile. And you see that the images are in theme and on point with the quotes or are coupled with catchy captions. The profile is full of visually appealing pictures and insightful captions.

But keep in mind that everything gets uninspiring, boring, and monotonous if done the same way over and over again. Every monotonous thing can bore your audience and make you feel less authentic. Play with a mix and match of a variety of captions. But stay genuine and transparent. This will keep the audience intrigued and interested.

Posting on a particular topic when it feels just right is perhaps the most vulnerable and authentic you can get. Being a social media influencer who has to post at least once in two days, I try my best to give variety to my followers. It’s hard to offer variety so often but again, I take my inspiration from the other great influencers of my niche. With my subscription to one of Internet packages, I stay well-connected and well-updated with all the influencers of my niche.

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