Villas In Mumbai Everything Just  Reconnects With Nature

It’s not like every vacation necessitates weeks of preparation or days of packing. Some journeys involve only a single bag and a short drive to the nearest vacation destination. How about we promise you’ll be there in one hour That is correct. The concept of luxury is changing. No longer merely buying goods or traveling to locations that need you to spend money. It’s all about luxury, privacy, comfort, and a wide range of options from leisure to budget-friendly. All about the memories, not the cash. These beautiful villas in Alibaug are just a hop, skip, and roll away! You may ride down to enjoy the magnificent panoramas or just jump on a ferry and travel wherever you want.

The RoRo boat will transport you, your vehicle, and your pets from Mumbai to Mandwa in just 60 minutes! Ekostay thinks that experience is everything, and we aim to go above and beyond for our luxury villas. Our Gold category features aesthetically designed villas that are expertly maintained, as well as handmade unique services and unrivaled peacefulness, allowing visitors to interact and create lasting memories. Are you ready for magnificent Alibaug coastlines, delectable local food, and cozy beds? We hand-picked our aesthetically pleasing villas with exquisite facilities right at our fingertips.

Alibaug Bali Villa-

A beautiful 5 BHK property in Alibaug with a private swimming pool and a big verdant lawn will make your stay unforgettable. Outdoor seating is available as well as a well-lit pavilion where. you may relax or throw a party with your friends and family. The rustic décor is lovely and inviting, and it will put you in a good mood. Bali Villa’s pool in Alibaug is large enough for net games and scoring points! A private pool with gazebo, superbly planned gardens, and a delectable BBQ area will allow you to appreciate nature’s unique splendor at its best. This is the most time-consuming mode of transportation accessible, yet it is barely 200 meters from the Mandwa Port. This 5 BHK private property in Alibaug is surrounded by lush nature, tranquil areas, and soothing emotions.

Alibaug Casa Zul Villa-

Casa Zul is a gorgeous three-bedroom Alibaug villa with a pool that. Is hidden away from the city’s noise and bustle. It’s difficult to think why anyone wouldn’t want to remain here a bit longer, whether you like to bask. In the sun in the outdoor private pool or dine on grilled meals surrounded by a campfire to warm you up in the nights for an extra price. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little extra money on comfort? This beautiful Alibaug home is just a few minutes’ drive from Thal Beach. A whole day packed with relaxation, the big rooms and cozy accommodations with excellent décor provide you a perfect retreat.

You may have planned a mini-vacation near Mumbai. To Lonavala or Khandala for a variety of events with a group of friends or family. Every organization, every business, requires a team-building retreat every now and again. People and organizations interact considerably more effortlessly after spending some time getting to know one another. By enjoying games and activities together, coworkers may create an environment in which everyone can perform at their best.

Therefore take advantage of this opportunity to learn about team-building activities. That can help your firm operate more efficiently, effortlessly, and fast! This gorgeous hill station in the heart of the Western Ghats, one of Maharashtra’s most famous tourist attractions, has a lot to offer: verdant slopes, alluring waterfalls, flowing streams, and much more. And even if you’re dreading going there and dealing with the crowds. We taking you somewhere else: to private luxury villas in Lonavala. So pack your belongings, start your car, and head to these private villas in Mumbai, which provide solitude pools. And bedrooms with stunning views.

With private pools, play spaces and amazing views, EKostay villas give a comprehensive entertainment package. But you could take it a step further with barbecue meals and campfire sessions! Our experts would be happy to help you. Meaningful chats around the bonfire are a sure way to bond with your family and friends. While delectable meals will spice up your games and chat.

Grove Villa In Lonavala

Palm Grove Villa In Lonavala- Everything is tranquil and scenic, including Palm Grove Villa in Lonavala. This 3BHK magnificent property in Lonavala is a hidden gem with its contemporary and lavish décor. The area, which would be located in one of the greatest villa communities, offers the best to offer in terms. Of luxury and solitude, delivering one of Lonavala’s finest private villas.

This home has a private pool, lush greenery, and beautiful views of Lonavala. Visitors are welcome to play badminton or simply relax on the grounds. Palm Grove Villa in Lonavala is one of the best villas in Lonavala. Set among the scenic grandeur that makes everything quiet and enjoyable. This 3BHK private pool villa in Lonavala is a pleasure with its modern décor and exquisite interiors.


Octagon Farms Villa in Lonavala- Octagon Farm Villas is a lovely 8-bedroom villa with a private pool, excellent for evening relaxation. The beautiful interiors have been well-lit, which enhances the area. And the homeowner’s equestrian barn is a great draw for animal lovers. This is a perfect destination for a weekend escape with family and friends. Thanks to its lush green panoramas and comfortable surroundings.

The grounds here appear to be ideal for playing games or getting your heart rate up with some football. Select from a wide selection of Lonavala villas to locate your ideal summer home. With its gorgeous mountain panoramas, kind hospitality, and peaceful settings. This is the ideal location for a weekend getaway with family and friends. Bring a ball with you to keep them entertain with a game of catch while you enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

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