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Why is Rab Clothing Popular Among Campers?

Over the years camping has become one of the most participated outdoor activities in the world and that has resulted in a rise in demand for camping clothes and gear. With time the market for camping gear has become crowded with companies who are trying to meet this rise in demand, but there is something that sets rab clothing apart from other companies.

Rab clothing entered the market around the late 1970s and ever since then, people have been hooked to this brand to fulfill their camping clothing needs. There are many campers of today who like to invest their money in good quality camping and thus they choose to shop from rab clothing in NZ.

The clothing items of this company have helped campers for decades in conquering harsh weather conditions while providing them with proper comfort. Rab clothing has evolved a lot through the years and it has changed its product range and production procedure in order to be ethical and environmentally cautious.    

Why is rab clothing considered one of the most ethical brands?

Contrary to many other clothing brands, Rab clothing believes in ethically performing its business operation because it has a lot of respect for the planet that we live in. Recently Rab clothing has transformed itself into a climate-neutral organization meaning they work toward reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that can be generated during the production process.

According to recent reports, Rab clothing is committed to becoming a net zero business by the end of 2030 and they are in the process to reduce any or all carbon emissions which are produced through the business operations. They are also aiming to reduce their dependency on resources to achieve their goal.

But these are just some of the many reasons why people choose rab clothing in NZ. One of the biggest driving forces behind their decision of buying from rab clothing is the company’s involvement with meaningful and socially beneficial projects. Some of these projects include the Nam Hong Hydropower project in Vietnam, the Efficient Cookstoves for Women project in Nepal, and the Kariba Forest Protection project in Zimbabwe.          

Benefits of choosing rab clothing over other brands

  • Product quality – It is not very tough for a camper to find quality camping gazebos in NZ, but they tend to face problems when choosing particular clothing products suitable for camping. That is where rab clothing enters the picture. Rab clothing makes camping clothes that are lightweight and durable, thereby being perfect for campers. These clothes are made from the finest materials, thus being of high quality in comparison to other outdoor clothing brands. Clothes from the brand are versatile as they can be used both for daily usage as well as for outdoor activities like hiking or climbing. 
  • Rental service – Buying a full set of camping gear may not be suitable for everyone because not everyone is a frequent camper. Unlike many campers, some individuals like to go camping or hiking once a year or maybe once every few years. Rab clothing in NZ has a rental service that can be availed by these individuals which will eliminate their need to buy camping gear.  Individuals can rent camping gear for a much lower price, which will help them in saving a lot of money. The items that are provided in this rental service are cleaned, repaired, and reproofed before they are sent to a camper, which means they don’t have to make any compromise regarding the quality of the product they are using. In this way, non-frequent campers can rent camping gear from them whenever they need it.
  • Good customer service – This eco-friendly clothing company has an excellent customer service team that works efficiently for solving any and all queries of the customers. They also have an easy return policy through which a consumer can return an item within 45 days. The company gives an assured refund to the customers as long as the items remain unused and the tags are intact.
  • After-sale services – Rab clothing has a second stitch service that allows customers to fix their clothes through a clothes expert. The only thing that they have to do is pay a minimal fee and in exchange, their clothes can be customized or repaired according to their preference. The company also gives special badges to the customers who choose to repair through this service, in order to honor their commitment to sustainability.

Key takeaways

Rab clothing is one of the best brands in the market for camping clothes and camping gear. This brand has been ethically producing good quality camping clothes since the late 1970s and in recent years they have made the change of performing their business operations in an environmentally friendly manner. Campers all around the world choose to shop from this brand because they have a wide variety of good quality, lightweight, water-resistant camping clothes.    

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