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Save Upto 40% on Hostbillo’s Linux Shared Hosting Plans

The more features you want for your Linux shared hosting service may require an additional payment. And if you want a shared server with lots of features and yet you want it to fit in your budget then you can buy it from Hotsbillo. The Hostbillo-web hosting company is offering great deals on Linux Shared Hosting during Diwali. Where you can save up to 40% on Linux shared hosting web hosting.

Hostbillo hosting solutions is a web hosting company that offers all types of web hosting services and domain names. They have a great market reputation and trust. They offer so many features along with the server that any other company might not be capable to provide. 

This article will tell you what steps you need to follow o get up to 40% off on Linux shared hosting servers.

How to Save 40% on Linux Shared Web Hosting?

As is said, earlier that there is a huge sale going on Hostbillo hosting solutions. they are providing Linux shared web hosting at a 40% lesser price. To get benefit from this offer you need to follow several steps-
Step:1 first go to Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale page

Step:2 Choose Linux shared Plan according to your needs.

Step:3 proceed to checkout and put the offer Code to get an additional discount.

Coupon codes:-

DLBILLOSH30- Shared Annually(30% Off)

DLBILLOSH40- Shared Triennially(40% Off)

Other features Hotsbillo Provide With Their Linux Shared Server

Hostbillo offer so many things along with the server that helps your website to perform at its best.

Server Uptime Guarantee-

A server has to be running all of the time to provide information to users. And the time when a Server is up and running is called server uptime. 

Hotsbillo offers a 99.90% server uptime guarantee, which means your server will run almost 24/7 and provide data to users. It is important because if a user finds your Website down then they will switch to another website to get the service that you are providing through your website. You will get a huge loss in business if your server faces regular downtime.

24/7 Technical Support

Hostbillo has an excellent Technical support team that has more than ten years of experience in the web hosting industry. They are available 24 hours a day to give solve all the problems of their customers. As a result of Hosbillo’s customer support, they have gained a lot of trust from their clients. Hostbillo will always be there to help you if you purchase Linux shared hosting from them.

Control panel

Hotsbillo provides a control panel along with their Shared Linux hosting servers. A control panel is a must when it comes to Managing your website on the server. Because so many tasks like Domain ADD Ons and Email creations only be done with the help of a control panel.

Domain add on

Hostbillo gives you the authority to add more than one domain in a single shared hosting plan. So if you have more than one website for your business you don’t need to buy Different Hosting plans for each of them you can simply host both domains on a single server.


Shared hosting is a completely managed web hosting service and all tasks and updations are done by the web hosting company. Hostbilo’s team always do care of their Server and their client’s websites. They make sure that their customers never face any kind of problem regarding servers.


A major concern for Hostbillo is the security of their servers, they do regular server monitoring to prevent any security breach. Also, they provide a free SSL certificate for additional security.


Linux shared web hosting is the best option to host a new website online. And If you want it at the cheapest cost then it is the right time. Hostbillo’s Linux shared hosting plans are one the best hosting plans and this Diwali you can get it at 40% less price.

Hostbillo is the best Web hosting provider of Best Linux shared Hosting and they offer the most features with the server possible. So if you want the best services for your website choose Hostbillo’s web hosting services.

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