Comparing Athena EMR to Valant EMR based on Features  

The athenahealth Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software supports a wide range of specialties, including pediatrics, nephrology, urology, family medicine, and cardiology, to mention a few. Athenahealth EMR now assists a network of more than 160,000 healthcare professionals. The product also has an integrated Practice Management (PM) module designed to streamline administrative and billing processes in medical practices. In addition, the EMR solution contains components like e-Prescribing and built-in specialty clinical material (e-Rx).  

  • Appointment calendar: Calendar of events Through a filterable dashboard, AthenaOne enables your front-office employees to access your clinic’s schedule instantly. In addition, patients can use the calendar to make appointments using the patient portal conveniently.  
  • Setting up appointments: The appointment view in AthenaOne features A/B testing capabilities to find the most effective way to remind patients of their work and display all patient billing information.  
  • Coding programs: Although you’ll still need a medical biller on staff, AthenaCollector provides an extensive toolkit for managing rejections and denials and cleaning medical claims.  
  • Medical notations: Whatever manner you select, AthenaClinicals makes taking notes simple.  
  • Individualized reports: Weekly and monthly data from Athenahealth can be filtered in infinite ways.  
  •  The patient portal: To request new appointments and prescription refills, patients can log into the portal at Additionally, they can update the contact and medical information your clinical staff will need to review and approve once they receive it.  
  • Electronic purchases: You can order new labs, prescriptions, and diagnoses through athenaClinicals.  
  • Interoperability: The seamless transmission of patient data to other providers and vice versa is made possible by Athenahealth’s interoperability solutions.  
  • Network of medical practices: With over 150,000 suppliers, AthenaNet uses data from all of them to suggest ways to improve performance.  

How can athenaClinicals assist in streamlining your process and practice?  

With an EHR solution that enables you to concentrate on providing treatment wherever you are, the athena EHR software system places your patients at the heart of your practice. This cloud-based medical records software unifies patient care, enables doctors to process documentation more quickly and precisely, and modernizes your practice’s operational procedures for success in the future. Mobile-friendly, effective EHR workflow.  

  • Thanks to intuitive workflows and an integrated mobile app, your doctors and staff can devote more time to patient care and less time to using screens.  
  • Fax and scanned papers may be processed quickly, and the proper patient record can be attached.  
  • Time is saved via intuitive, automated workflows, allowing your employees to concentrate on your patients.  

The Benefits of athenahealth for Reporting  

The athenaOne program’s ability to produce personalized weekly and monthly reports with apparently endless criteria makes athenahealth the top medical software provider for reporting. You can restructure your operations using the data-driven insights from these reports. Additionally, athenaOne routinely contrasts the KPIs of your information with the KPIs of the other 150,000 practices in the athenaNet network. If your KPIs fall below the athenaNet average, a representative from athenahealth may even contact you to arrange a private session. To put it another way, this software supplier doesn’t just make report generation easier; it also helps you through the changes your reports show you must make to achieve the best financial performance for your medical practice.  

Check pros and cons of athenahealth  


  • Good client service; quick, simple customization of templates. Permits template editing while seeing patients. The skills for making clinical decisions are also highly beneficial.  
  • Learning Athena is quite simple, and using it is also very simple. I had little prior experience working in a medical office, but Athena has taught me so much. The learning platform is perfect, and customer service is outstanding. I appreciate the PQRS and other quality control reporting assistance.  
  • The customer support is outstanding, and the reports are simple to generate and understand.  


  • It would have been beneficial if support could visit the day we went live, but there is a fee for such a service.  
  • Although expensive, the purchase is worthwhile.  

Is Valant a better option as compare to athenahealth  

Valant EMR was created expressly to help and support behavioral health specialists. It is an electronic health records system. It gives practitioners an effective way to organize their work and puts them on the proper track to enhance their businesses.  

 Features offered by Valant 

  • Client Intake: Features from Client Intake Valant are available to improve your client intake procedure. Your staff can use the system to transmit intake paperwork and check patients in. Patients can complete forms at home using the interface. You can also send first assessments to patients during intake to establish baselines.  
  • Scheduling: Your team can manage everything from a single location with the help of Valant’s appointment scheduling application. From the patient’s chart, clinicians can also set up follow-up appointments.  
  • Online Patient Portal: Valant provides a practical patient portal that can save your team time and improve customer satisfaction. Users of the portal can:  
  •   View and finish clinical forms and measurements  
  • see the schedule of appointments  
  • access medical records  
  • Modify your insurance and demographic details  
  • View billing details  
  • Send encrypted messages  
  • Patients cannot make appointments through the portal, which is a downside.  
  • Billing & Invoicing: You can use your own claims processor or Valant’s clearinghouse for billing. To assist you in increasing billed income, the technology allows automatic charge generation.  

Will Valant work for you?  

The system from Valant offers the best value for mid-to-large practices that have psychiatrists because of its more advanced feature set and ePrescribing capacity. Additionally, the system has several cutting-edge, desirable characteristics absent from many recent designs, such as the automatically created clinical narratives. However, as you can see from the photographs of the interface, Valant is also a little bit older than other solutions available on the market. Its limited functionality and poor mobile friendliness are significant drawbacks. Though more expensive than recent competitors, the system is easier to use than alternatives like Athena.  

Valant pros and cons 


  • built with behavioral health providers in mind  
  • integrates e-Prescribing functionality  
  • Has clinical narratives that were generated automatically to save the clinician time.  


  • An Outdated user experience that is challenging to use on mobile devices and incompatible with some browsers  
  • Patients cannot make appointments via the portal.  
  • It does not have telehealth functionality.  

Which EMR is best for your practice?  

For healthcare practices and businesses, athenahealth offers a cloud-based clinical and financial solution. To reduce administrative workloads and boost clinical effectiveness, it merges software services. More organized physician workflows encourage a focus on patient-centered treatment. With its e-Prescribing functionality, Valant is a tried-and-true practice management system best suited for medium-sized to big businesses with psychiatrists on staff.

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