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Desert Safari Dubai | Best Desert Safari in Dubai Experience

If you’re in Dubai, Go to The Desert Safari

For some people, going to Dubai might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. There, you can see skyscrapers that look like they go on forever, and you can almost buy any luxury you can think of. When you go to Dubai, you should go on a desert safari Dubai and see the city’s tall skyscrapers and many modern shopping malls. A safari is a great way to learn about Arabic culture and see the natural world outside the emirate cities people have built.

Numerous Dubai Desert Safaris

Since more than 10 million people visit Dubai every year, it’s easy to see how desert safari Dubai could be a profitable business.

On the other hand, there might be a big difference in how good the options are. Dubai has a lot of cheap desert safari options, but many of them aren’t very well run. We know you agree that saving a few dollars or euros on a bad safari trip isn’t worth it, which is why we recommend that you look around a lot.

The Cheapest Possible Safari

After our first safari, we don’t think it’s a good idea to look for the cheapest desert safari in Dubai. But we want to warn you that some of these trips could be very bad. There are times when there aren’t enough seats for everyone, and there are also times when communication isn’t excellent. Why not save ten to twenty euros instead of putting yourself through unnecessary stress? Make sure only to choose trips that have good reviews.

Safari in the desert with The Adventure Planet

The Adventure Planet planned and led our second safari, which was great. We talked about how to book the safari and how it went.

Safari Reservations

The place we did business was The Adventure Planet’s online chat service. Few of the cheapest trip cities have bus services to the safari area. We recommend that you choose the hotel pickup because it’s the most convenient and the price difference isn’t huge.

The process of making a reservation was quick and easy. We paid for the trip with our credit cards through a website. Unfortunately, the dates were wrong in the email we got as confirmation. We quickly contacted The Adventure Planet and said they would change the dates. There are no longer any false claims. They told us everything was fine but didn’t give us a new confirmation voucher. We didn’t have any problems with the reservation in the end, so they must have fixed the mistake.

Bedouin camp pickup by Jeep

We were waiting in the lobby on the day of our safari. Our hotel was in the Deira neighborhood, near the dunes, so we thought we would be picked up between 2:30 and 3:00, which was the latest. Not getting picked up for another 10 minutes wasn’t a big deal. Finally, our kind driver showed up in the hotel lobby and led us to his Jeep.

Sand Driving for a Long Time

Twenty minutes of going on sand dunes are much longer than you’d get on a cheap safari. For example, the part of Happy Tours where you drive over sand dunes only lasted five minutes.

We took pictures on a dune before we got to the Bedouin camp. The Adventure Planet has its camp, which other operators don’t have. If you don’t want the chaos of an entire camp, it’s best to go with an operator who owns their camp instead of a company that sells other people’s camps.

Camp in the Desert Run by the Operator

You can find The Adventure Planet s’ camp in the sand dunes while on Desert Safari Dubai Adventure. They’re not telling anyone about it, so they have complete control over what happens there. The camp wasn’t full of people either. It’s possible that we just went on a slow day, or it could be that this is the norm.

The camp had everything you could want to drink, from water to coffee to tea to soft drinks. We never got thirsty in the sand dunes because there was a steady supply of complimentary soft drinks.

During the camp, there were both free and paid events. Guests can do things for free, like ride camels, dress up in traditional Arabic clothes, or take pictures. One of the trips that cost money was quad biking.

Buffet dinner with tasty grilled meats and side dishes

Most trips into the desert will include a buffet for dinner. This was true even on our safari.

There was a small, fixed-size appetizer, an extensive buffet for the main course, and a small, fixed-size dessert. There were many different kinds of salad, naan bread, grilled meat, rice, and pasta.

Amusements at a Campground

As part of our safari, entertainment was on the main stage in the middle of the camp for an hour. They did a dance show, an awe-inspiring fire show, and belly dancing. When it got dark, everyone could have fun.

Desert Safaris Best Operator

You must go on a safari to know what the desert is like. Short safaris only last a day, but you can also go on longer trips that last for several days. Find reputable desert safari companies in Dubai and compare them so you can choose the best one.

Desert safaris that last only half a day are similar from one company to the next. The most significant difference is in how they are set up. Before making any reservations, it’s a good idea to research and compare prices. For example, our trip to the desert with The Adventure Planet was fantastic. We can’t say it was the best, but we thought it was perfect. We are sure that there are a number of other good options.

In conclusion

In Dubai, you can find good and best desert safari Dubai services. The price is a good indicator; it doesn’t always match reality, but it’s rarely wrong. Plan on spending a little extra money to ensure your safari goes smoothly. You’ll have a lot more fun with it. Share your experience if you’ve gone on a desert safari in Dubai!

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