5 Places Tourists Always Visit in Norway

Norway is home to a remarkable array of historical sites, museums, and natural wonders open to the public. Tourists to the land of the midnight sun and the stunning northern lights may choose from a wide variety of activities, from exploring the sophisticated capital city of Oslo to exploring the country’s limitless snow-capped mountain peaks and deep fjords.

The country’s interior is surprisingly easy to navigate, especially given its mountainous terrain and rocky shoreline. Using the country’s first-rate public transit systems, whether by train or one of the spectacular coastline steamers, is one of the best ways to view the sites.

Being one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Norway appears to have a fascinating museum dedicated to every key aspect of its long and varied cultural and social history. If you look about, you could find exciting spots that cover a wide range of topics, from the Vikings to fishing and seafaring to the arts and entertainment. The time to Book Your Norway Vacation is now.

Packing List for a Trip to Norway

In complete preparation the trip to Norway, you should consider the time of year you want to travel and the specific place you plan to explore.

Summertime highs can reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the south, while the north has cooler temperatures of 42 to 53 F.

As visiting Norway, be prepared for sudden shifts in temperature and precipitation by packing essentials like:

  • T-shirts and sweaters to layer when the weather cools down
  • Umbrellas in case it rains unexpectedly
  • Pants, shorts, and trekking pants in addition to jeans.
  • Choose between waterproof sneakers and hiking boots, depending on whether you like indoor or outdoor pursuits. If you are attending a dinner, you should pack a great pair of dress shoes.
  • A sleep mask may be helpful during the summer, when it may be difficult to sleep due to the constant daylight in some locations.
  • You should also bring plenty of sunscreens, moisturizer, and bug repellent.

Norway’s Most Magnificent Points of View

The natural scenery of Norway is quite stunning. From Europe’s gorgeous fjords to its breathtaking mountains and glaciers, you’ll find some of the best places to visit for exhilarating outdoor adventures and activities.

Our guide to the finest Norway offers will help you plan your sightseeing excursions. 

1. Olympic Village of Lillehammer

Lillehammer, perched above Lake Mjsa at the southern end of the Gudbrandsdal valley, is one of Norway’s most well-known tourist destinations any time of year. Maihaugen, an open-air museum with more than a hundred old structures, including farmhouses, workshops, and an 18th-century stave church, draws many visitors in the summer.

The Cottage of Peer Gynt is yet another magnetic structure. Some believe that the originator of Ibsen’s famous hero lived there in the early 1700s.

When the snow begins to fall, though, Lillehammer comes alive. The Olympic Games were held in this city in 1994. You can do many kinds of winter activities there, from ice skating and curling to sleigh rides and alpine ski resorts.

2. The Akershus Castle in Oslo

The medieval fortification of the Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning) was commissioned by King Hakon V in 1299. In the early 17th century, King Christian IV had it remodeled into a Renaissance-style palace. The grounds sit on a cliff above the Oslofjord and provide stunning views of the harbor below.

Those interested in the past may also enjoy visiting the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum (Forsvarsmuseet). The military history of Norway is depicted via relics and weapons on display at this superb museum. The fortress grounds are also ideal for major public events such as ceremonies, concerts, and plays. 

3. Geirangerfjord

In the Geirangerfjord area, Northern Norway is where you’ll find some of Norway’s most breathtaking scenery. It is included in the stunning Fjord Norway system and is frequently cited as one of UNESCO’s best World Heritage Sites.

Geirangerfjord is home to some of Norway’s most stunning scenery. Some of the best views in all of Croatia can be had from the Dalsnibba peak.

At 1,495 meters, you have breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Geirangerfjord far below. You may select from various cruises and tours, but if you’re driving, you shouldn’t miss the winding nature and breathtaking panoramas of Eagles’ Road, with its 11 hairpin bends. 

4. Pulpit Rock

One of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations, Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), is best suited for the active traveler owing to the difficult journey required to access it. It’s one of the most photographed places in all of Norway.

You may reach the location near Stavanger by taking a bus and a ferry, then hiking for two hours. Once you get to the summit of the relatively flat-topped cliff, which is more than 600 meters above the water, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of Lysefjord.

The Norwegian Canning Museum is a hidden gem in the Stavanger area that many tourists overlook. This fascinating museum, located in a cannery that formerly supplied food during World War II, tells the story of one of the country’s most vital industries: the sardine fishery.

Stavanger Cathedral is another hotspot for visitors to the city. This structure was constructed in the 12th century and featured elements from several different architectural periods and styles, including a Romanesque basilica, Baroque pulpit, and Gothic font. 

5. The Atlantic Ocean Highway

You can travel along one of 18 designated National Tourist Routes in Norway, such as the Atlantic Ocean Road. It is a vital connection between the chain of small islands it links and a popular destination for swimmers, snorkelers, and anglers.

The little stretch of road, at just over eight kilometers in length, has earned acclaim as one of the world’s most stunning stretches of coastline. You may visit quaint coastal villages, churches made of wood, the famous Trolls’ Church Cave, and spectacular scenery no matter the weather.

Many businesses catering to visitors, such as restaurants and hotels, have also set up their websites. In addition, the area is home to several fishing excursion businesses. 

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