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What is the Rate of Per Unit Electricity for Jeevan Dhara Consumers

In India, energy cost is a key component of every household budget. People have devised techniques to carefully operate their appliances so that their usage does not exceed the threshold limit. It’s because various rates apply to different usage levels.

The good news is that the Assam government is lowering the per-unit power APDCL bill tariffs for Jeevan Dhara customers. Our readers would appreciate accurate information on the electric unit price in Assam for Jeevan Dhara customers. A complete compilation of power pricing for Jeevan Dhara customers should assist users in obtaining the necessary information.

This article focuses on the rate of per unit electricity for Jeevan Dhara consumers in India. Commercial customers and High-Tension connections are exempt from these prices.

About Jeevan Dhara Yojana for its Consumers

The Jeevan Dhara Yojana aims to achieve universal home electrification in the country by providing last-mile connectivity and electrical connections to all remaining un-electrified households in rural and urban regions. The APDCL bill scheme would be funded in significant part by the Government of India.

The release of APDCL bill connections to houses includes drawing a service wire from the nearest pole to the domestic site, installation of smart meters, cabling for a single light point with an LED bulb, and a mobile charging station. If an electrical pole is not accessible near the dwelling for drawing service cable, the program will pay for the building of an extra pole, conductor, and other accessories. With the regulatory authority declaring a reduction in light bill prices, the power rate in Assam would reduce by around 2% beginning next month.

The Rate of Per Unit Electricity for Jeevan Dhara Consumers

The Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission (AERC) has lowered energy costs by 20-30 paise per unit. Most fixed/demand costs have been modestly raised by the Commission. As a consequence, the overall tariff has been reduced by 2% (14 paise/unit) as compared to the previous pricing.

According to AERC, the APDCL bill energy rates for the Jeevan Dhara sector would be reduced by 10 paise per unit utilized, while public lighting charges will be reduced by 50 paise per unit consumed.

However, fixed costs for 2-3 groups were not changed; the prices were already higher than in other areas. According to AERC, following final adjustments for 2016-17 and taking into account the standalone revenue requirement for 2018-19, the cumulative revenue excess amounted to Rs 109.56 crore, the benefit of which was passed on to the consumer by increasing the price on April 1, 2018.

Highlights of Rate of Per Unit Electricity for Jeevan Dhara Consumers

  • Assam has a population of 50 lakh people. Only 1,23,244 customers are in the Jeevan Dhara category and must pay a rate of Rs 4.25 per unit. The commitment by Congress to provide up to 200 units of free energy to every family means that 70% of Assam’s power users would not have to pay any costs at all.
  • With the revised fixed/demand charges, APDCL would be able to recover only about 14% of the ARR through fixed/demand charges. Light bill rates for home use below 5 kW have been reduced to Rs 5.45 per unit from Rs 5.65 for 120 units, and Rs 6.70 from Rs 6.90 before for 121 to 240 units per month.
  • The balance of more than 240 units is decreased to Rs 7.70 from Rs 7.90. The cost for residences with a load of 5 kW to 25 kW has been reduced to Rs 7.30 from Rs 7.50 per unit used. However, fixed prices for all four categories have been increased to Rs 40 per kW from Rs 30 now. Similarly, commercial energy rates have been decreased, while fixed costs have been increased.
  • The power under the Jeevan Dhara plan would be free for up to 30 units. This benefit will be lost when power usage reaches 31 units. Even if you only light one bulb, the tariff will be more than 30 units. As a result, the order is a no-go.


The Assam State Government has launched the Assam Jeevan Dhara Yojana to provide instant electricity connections at a cheap cost to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families and APL families living above the poverty line in Assam. People from low-income households in Assam may simply obtain an energy connection for their homes by applying online. Within ten days of requesting an electrical connection, your residence will have an electricity connection established.

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