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Top 5 Apps for Chinese to Watch TV Shows

If you’re looking for the best applications to watch Chinese TV shows, you’ve come to the right place. PPTV, which was previously referred to as PPLive, is a good place to start. This app offers tons of different categories for watching your favorite Chinese shows. You can filter through series by year, theme, actor, and country. You can also block ads before watching each show, and the application is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.


There are several Chinese-language TV apps to choose from. China TV is an excellent choice because it’s fast and there are minimal ads. It also has many varieties of shows, including 24/7 anime, Chinese-language anime, and Japanese anime dubbed into Chinese. Another option is CCTV-1, which features news and documentaries. Another great option is SinoVision, which features variety shows. These Chinese-language TV apps are an excellent way to brush up on your Mandarin reading and listening skills.

Another popular video downloader app is Snaptube. It boasts over 40 million users and is free to download video from most major video sites. However, some have expressed concern about the security of this app. The maker of the app says that the app is safe, but security researchers at Upstream have found evidence that it is not completely safe. The app has also been found to be generating fake ad clicks and unauthorized premium purchases.

Snaptube is available for Android devices, but users can also download the app via an Android emulator like BlueStacks or Memu. To download the app, simply download the APK file and open it using your emulator of choice. You’ll need to have the latest version of Android to use Snaptube. Once you’ve installed it, all you need to do is log in with your Google account.

Another app that lets Chinese watch TV shows is Vidmate. It offers free access to every type of media, including TV shows and movies. It has a large library and is easy to use. Another great feature is that it lets you download unlimited amounts of TV shows.


For those who want to watch Chinese drama on their mobile devices, there are many options. There are paid services such as Netflix and WeTv, and there are also free services. These apps offer a large selection of dramas from all over Asia, as well as English subtitles. They also offer multi-device support.

These apps are not all alike, so make sure to try several before making a final decision. The format and user interface of different apps can make a huge difference in the feel and usability of the app. If you plan to watch Korean dramas on your mobile device, it may be worth it to look for a version that caters to that genre.

Streaming content is free for Amazon Prime members, but some K-dramas are part of the ad-supported arm of Amazon’s video streaming service. For more extensive viewing options, you can buy or rent episodes. You can also subscribe to the Prime Video service for a monthly fee of $9.

Netflix is a popular streaming service, and it offers a large collection of movies, series, documentaries, and short clips. It also has Korean content, and can be accessed on smart TVs and apps. If you’re studying Korean, Netflix is a great option. The Korean dramas available there are plentiful and there’s no shortage of programs to choose from.

Asian TV shows are available in English and Chinese, and many of the shows can be subtitled. The subtitles for the dramas are available in more than 150 languages, making them accessible to viewers around the world. The service also has a chat feature so you can interact with other users. The videos are also available in high definition.


For those looking for a new way to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, a great way to start watching TV shows in Chinese is through YouTube. The platform is home to a large variety of TV shows from around the world. Many of them are available in both English and Chinese. Some of the most popular Chinese shows include Mr. Zhou Live Show, which has over a billion views online. It is a great way to get a taste of the Chinese language and culture, and many episodes of the show are available in English. You can also find popular Chinese dramas on Netflix, with English subtitles.

Another great option for watching Chinese TV shows is WeTv, a popular video streaming platform that offers English subtitles and free content. Owned by Tencent, a trusted tech company, WeTv has a huge library of Chinese dramas, including both new and older shows. You can also subscribe to channels and upload your own videos.

If you’re looking for the Chinese equivalent of Netflix, you can also download iQIYI. This free streaming app has over 500 million users and a clean interface. It also has good streaming quality and offers a search bar for finding a specific show.

iQiyi, also known as “Chinese Netflix” is a video-sharing app launched by Chinese tech giant Baidu in 2010. iQiyi offers original content, user-generated content, live sports, and licensed media. In 2016 the company partnered with Netflix to stream exclusive Netflix content in China.

Another popular video entertainment app is Mango TV. Focused on overseas users, Mango TV focuses on original variety shows, but also features Chinese dramas in English. Mango TV is free to download and does not require a registration. It also offers paid content in English and Chinese. Both apps can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Ifvod tv

Ifvod TV is an android application that allows users to stream Chinese TV shows and movies. The app has an extensive list of content and can stream HD and 4K quality video. In addition to offering content in a variety of genres, IFvod TV allows users to join discussions and leave comments.

The application supports multiple payment methods and has an Android, iOS, and PC version. It has over 50 million registered users and has been downloaded more than 400 million times. Users can subscribe to multiple channels at one time. A premium subscription can cost $4 per month, but users can view premium content without paying for multiple channels.

IFVOD TV is a great option for Chinese viewers who want to watch TV shows and movies from the comfort of their home. The application features a massive library of channels, and supports multiple languages. In addition to Chinese dramas, it also offers news, game, and sports channels. With its large library of shows and movies, Ifvod is an excellent choice for Chinese viewers who want to watch TV shows and movies without ads.

Ifvod is a Chinese-based streaming service that offers movies, television shows, and anime. Its catalog is large and features a variety of Chinese films, television shows, and anime. Its interface is easy to use, and there are no annoying ads. It also allows users to download movies and audio to watch offline. This makes it a great choice for those without reliable Internet access.

Ifvod TV is a free download and offers a variety of Chinese content. Subtitles are available, and the app is available on most smartphones.


The first thing you should do if you want to watch Chinese TV shows is to learn the language. You can do this by watching a variety of talk shows. These programs are usually entertaining and easy to understand. Additionally, they feature unscripted conversations, which make them great for learning the language.

Another option for Chinese TV shows is to try out Mango TV. This free online video streaming service features Chinese television dramas and movies. Most shows can be watched without registration, and it allows you to save your favorites. While the main focus of this app is sports streams, you can also watch a variety of Chinese dramas for free. This service is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Another option is to use a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall and access popular streaming websites. This will allow you to watch shows that are blocked in China. This method will work for some channels, but you may find that the quality of the stream is not good.

Despite its name, Bilibili, or B Site in Chinese, is the largest video-sharing app among young Chinese. It offers free TV dramas, documentaries, variety shows, and original content. Another great feature of the app is its commentary sharing system. When you open a video, you will see several comments scroll across your screen in real-time, which looks like a bullet curtain.

Besides the many foreign language shows, there are also a few Chinese shows you can watch to learn the language. Some of these include Bai Ye Zhui Xiong, which is rated as one of the best suspense shows in mainland China. This series follows the adventures of a genius detective with a twin brother who is a fugitive. The detectives switch identities at night to solve a crime and free their brother.

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