Tonic Water Market

Tonic Water Market Size, Share Analysis, Key Players, Demand, and Opportunity 2022-2031

Tonic Water Market: Paving a Way Towards Sparkling Future

While basking in the sun beside the sea shore, drinks like Strawberry gin and tonic, cherry gin and tonic, autumn spiced tonic, autumn spiced tonic, and vermouth cassis are few fantastic coolants we can dream of! Do you know the name of a basic ingredient for making these drinks is tonic water? Yes, tonic water has a signature flavor profile which makes it an excellent pairing with innumerable variety of distilled water. The tonic water market is witnessing unprecedented growth on the back of innumerable uses of the tonic water. In this blog, we will understand what is tonic water and its varied uses.

What is tonic water?

The tonic water is a carbonated soft drink consisting bitter flavor and used as a mixer with spirits and gin. This drink has quinine dissolved which is used as prophylactic against malaria. The quinine ingredient gives tonic water bitter and dry taste. The tonic water, true to its name, is originally a medicinal tonic. In the 19[sup]th[/sup] century British soldiers were given tonic water, in order to make medicine more palatable. Nowadays, tonic water is not used for any healing properties rather it is relished as drink mixer. A myriad of herbs, fruits, and spices get enhanced taste when mixed with the tonic water. There are now flavored tonic water available which are, flowered based tonic water and fruit based tonic water.

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What are the uses of tonic water?

Although the primary use of the tonic water is to use them in the cocktail but there are other few uses of the tonic water.

– Medicinal uses

The tonic water has therapeutic properties which can benefit your health in different ways. It was earlier used to combat malaria but now it has become less effective to treat malaria. Few people still use tonic water to relieve the muscle spasms. Many people have reported that tonic water drink has helped them in fighting muscle cramps.

– Tonic water as a cleaner

The tonic water can be used as cleaning agent at workplaces or at homes. The properties of the cleaning agent are useful in keeping hard surfaces or glasses clean. The user just has to water like any other cleaning agent and then wipe out the surface. The tonic water is effective in removing the strains. You only have to dip the stained item into tonic water for several minutes and then wash it.

– Keeping the flowers fresh

The tonic water is used to preserve the flowers and keep them looking afresh. The plain water is mixed with the tonic water and plants are to be kept in the vase. Since, tonic water has sugar and minerals which ae good for plants, it is useful in keep flowers look healthier.

– Tonic water in coffee

In Helsingborg, Koppi, and Sweden, espresso and tonic was created and offered in a staff party. It was mixture of syrup, tonic water, and espresso and the drink has been grown popularly in Scandinavian nations, United States, and Europe.

– Various drink from the tonic water

Here are the 9 fantastic drinks to make with tonic water
1- Sueno:  This is the refreshing tequila cocktail is made with cucumber and muddled rosemary.
2- Indian summer cup
3- Portonic
4- Pomme petillant
5- Juniper & tonic
6- Kyoto drink
7- Rum & tonic
8- Tamarind and tonic
9- Vodka tonic

Market synopsis:

The global tonic water market size was reached up to USD 748 million in the year 2021. Moreover, the market is anticipated to reach USD 1120 million by 2030, exhibiting a growth of 7% during 2022-2030. The increasing product innovation, escalating disposable income of people, and low awareness among consumers are responsible for the growth of the tonic water market.

In a nutshell,

It is quite evident that the tonic water market is estimated to gain remarkable growth in the coming time period. The doyen team of Research Nester has prepared an exhaustive report incorporating important factors such as, market constraints, growth drivers, regional synopsis, key players, etc. are given in the report. It is always prudent to know these factors before investing to make your decisions sound. 

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