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Things You Want to Know About Loft Conversion Services:

Dormer conversions are using far the most common kind of conversion. Typically built without planning permission over accepted development on houses, flats and marionettes, planning permission might be required. This method has little or no change to the entrance of the house at the front and a great viewpoint to the rear –such as a French window and Juliette balcony.

Here at BBS Construction UK, we’re loft conversion experts. From Dormer Loft Conversion to hip to gable conversions, we provide several loft conversion solutions for each house and each budget. As a result, we’ve formed this guide to the whole thing you must understand about loft conversions for loft conversions.

What are the different choices for main suite loft conversion design?

There are several design options to recollect whilst raising a loft conversion on your master suite. These include:

  • Creating a primary design feature– for a master bedroom, a new loft conversion can let you create a beautiful assertion piece or visual layout feature. This may want to include the loft conversion window or maybe balcony place, or it could involve uncovered timber paintings or brickwork. Alternatively, the decor and layout itself could be the key in your area. Either way, having an excellent idea about what you want to create for the duration of the planning and design process for the loft conversion can assist to create the gap you need.
  • Adding an en-suite bathroom or dressing room- When creating a loft conversion bedroom, you may also opt to use some of the distance for an en-suite toilet. Not only is that this a sensible way to avoid the staircase at night, but this also gives a personal, helpful space that can also be designed with an interior design to fit your style preferences. This also can add even extra value to your property.
  • Storage- Finally, while growing a loft conversion in your main suite, you could not forget clever storage solutions built into the gap. This can be a top-notch way to save place and make the most out of any alcoves or uncommon corners, which may also, in any other case, be a wasted area.


As your family grows and the area is in a shortage, you are probably anticipating increasing your current house and entering a larger one. Another way is to move for home extensions and create extra space on the facet or at the back within acceptable limits. Alternatively, you can add the area without annoying the external look or experiencing higher expenses. This is by investing in a loft conversion service if you are lucky enough to have a house with an attic or loft.

Dormer Loft Conversion

There are many benefits to loft conversions:

  • A loft lends itself without problems to changes and could provide more room than home extensions which can be constrained with the help of constructing rules to within certain limits if you wish to avoid the trouble of looking for permissions.
  • Lofts can isolate sound. If you’ve got active children, the loft is perfect in that they could make as much noise as they prefer without overly stressing the ones at the decreased floors.
  • An extension may be more affordable than other sorts of house extensions. However, some matters must be recalled before a loft conversion can be initiated.

These few matters that want consideration:

  • Assessment of the present joists and beams to know if they’ll take the extra burden the conversion will impose.
  • Check for real usable space: the dwelling space needs enough headroom and should be handy through a stair extension.
  • Consider how the loft conversion will impact the current water storage, plumbing, ventilation, and hot water system.
  • If approval is compulsory in which you live though planning permission isn’t always vital, it will pay to prepare and approve drawings.
  • Consider the current roof help system and how much it’ll cost to make adjustments to create usable space in the loft.
  • Stairs want careful attention to make sure that getting access is easy.
  • Natural ventilation and lighting fixtures are next in line.
  • Next, you may keep in mind the supply of a bathroom and floors for the loft. Synthetic or wooden flooring is best.
  • Insulation is some other critical factor. The ceiling, sidewalls, or even the floor need to be insulated to prevent heat loss and work as a sound barrier.
  • Fire safety is another critical factor, mainly in wood homes.

If you still need clarification about which type of Loft Conversions in Ickenham is best, rely on us.

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