Custom Kraft Boxes

Strengthen Your Product Packaging with Custom kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are frequently used in all businesses, especially the food business. We can be the best choice if you want kraft material boxes for your product packaging. It’s because our rates are more budget-friendly than other packaging solutions. Also, we don’t charge extra in comparison to others.

Moreover, we give you a golden opportunity to earn extra profit by buying custom boxes at seasonal sales. The new year 2023 sale is one of them, which is still available on our webpage.

Critical features of kraft material boxes

  • The kraft material boxes are in the brown shade in non-bleached form.
  • They are available in white color in bleached form.
  • They are easy to print in any shade and design.
  • They are more economical than rigid boxes.
  • They are durable and flexible.
  • The kraft material boxes are nature free and easy to recycle

Maintain the custom kraft box durability with lamination or coating

Do you want to utilize custom kraft boxes( for long-term use? Then must do lamination or coating. They work as an extra layer of durability to protect the box from external hazards like scratches, fingerprints, etc. Also, the box looks two times more beautiful and charming with them.

For lamination and coatings, we have different options. All of these have almost the same qualities but different effects. You can choose according to your requirement.

  1. Matte lamination:

The matte lamination gives a natural and decent finish. It is non-environment friendly and applied as a layer. We recommend it for a darker shades box because it balances the darker shades due to less glare.

  • Gloss lamination:

Do you want shiny finishing which attracts buyers from a distance? Then apply gloss lamination. It is frequently used in all businesses due to its sheeny shine. Also, it intensifies the printing shades’ vibrancy due to the shiny glare.

  • Spot UV

The spot UV is used for exclusive packing. You can use spot UV for specific designs if you don’t want to laminate the whole box.

  • Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating is liquid based. It is applied by heating at a high flame. If you want 100% eco-friendly, then use aqueous coating

Give premium finishing to the custom kraft boxes with ADD-ONS

Do you want to give an exclusive finish to the box? Then it would be best if you used our add-on options. All of these are fantastic and versatile. You can freely choose. For any confusion, you can console our customization experts. Here are a few tips.

Tip 1 |You can tie the gift box with ribbons or strips according to the theme. We have all the color options for ribbons and strips.

Tip 2| Use custom cardboard inserts to keep fragile items like mirror glass, pastries, etc., in position. We have kraft, cardboard, corrugated and foam inserts. You can use any of them according to the product requirement.

Tip 3| The food items like burgers, sweets, and frosty cookies can make the box surface greasy. You can keep custom butter wraps down the side to prevent a greasy surface.

Tip 4| The inner beauty is essential to how the outer is. Therefore, do inside printing to give mesmerizing unboxing experience to the buyers.

Tip 5 | For sparkling and gleaming finishing, use hot stamp foiling. It is available in all shades.

Tip 6| To show off your product without opening the box, customize it with a die-cut window.

The perks of choosing us

  • Superior quality packaging tools
  • First-rate and advanced printing machines
  • Quick turnaround (8 business days for rush orders, 12 business days for standard)
  • market competitive rates at wholesale without additional charges
  • Free customer support service 24/7
  • Opportunity to work with the experienced and talented team

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