Purpose Of Custom Chipboard Boxes That You Do Not Know

Purpose Of Custom Chipboard Boxes That You Do Not Know

Chipboard boxes are made from high raw materials and are one of the most used packaging in the moving and retail industry boxes. As the name suggests, custom chipboard boxes packaging is designed to meet specific brand needs and product requirements. This means that the products will not be packed in generic boxes and you will design the customized packaging for each product. Therefore, with the help of customized packaging boxes, you can easily meet the branding and customer’s needs. Chipboard boxes wholesale are made from cardboard stock, which can show a noticeable difference in weight and size.

Shipping or packaging companies select cardboard boxes based on the type and size of the products. For example, toothpaste packaging doesn’t require the same durability of boxes as needed for heavy-weight product equipment. Businesses use these boxes for packaging the products they want to ship to customers.

What are custom chipboard packaging boxes used for? Chipboard packaging boxes are used for more than many products in various manufacturing and different types of products.

Let’s check out some of the uses of chipboard boxes wholesale in custom packaging boxes are:

  • Beauty products
  • For fragile packaging
  • Smaller food items
  • It’s even use for Tech-Savvy

Beauty Products

Chipboard boxes wholesale are used for beauty products packaging. Because of their durability and stability, it often comes with partitions to protect individual products inside the box.

The folding cartons are perfect for single units of products like concealer, eyeliners, perfume bottles, makeup kits, lipsticks, and lip balms.

At the same time, the partitions allow larger shipments of beauty products to make it to beauty store shelves safely.

For Fragile Packaging

There’s no better option than chipboard packaging boxes for breakable products like light bulbs and tubes. The custom chipboard packaging protects highly fragile bulbs by surrounding them on all four sides of boxes. Therefore, it even includes a hole in the top of the packaging so bulbs can be individually sold and hung on metal racks in stores.

Smaller Food Items

As well as protecting against normal shipping wear and tear, the chipboard packaging boxes protects against weather problems and keeps out any “unwanted guests” when shipping food. You can be confident that your product’s integrity is handled with a custom chipboard packaging.

It is durable enough to keep cookies from crumbling and easy to open so you can enjoy them immediately.

It’s Even Use For Tech-Savvy

Whether the latest phone, a great new pair of headphones or airpods, the modern world is crazy for everything in the tech industry.

Chipboard boxes wholesale are already mentioned; partitions that are added to any box can offer extra coverage.

Different Styles Of Custom Chipboard Boxes

Custom boxes wholesale contain a lot of styles, and each style focuses on further expansions.

Some of the styles of chipboard boxes are:

  • Shelf ready boxes
  • Archive boxes
  • Full overlap boxes
  • Packaging cartons
  • Pizza slice boxes

Shelf-Ready Boxes

They are generally supplied as a single box and lid, but they can also be prepared as one piece upon order. They are either used to safely providing the product to the stores or displaying it at retail since they offer a beautiful view.

Archive Boxes

These custom boxes wholesale with logos and slogans display the product on shelves. They are generally designed to store the product for a long period. Since their walls are designed with a single cardboard layer, they are cost-effective, along with an attractive outlook.

Furthermore, single-wall doesn’t mean that they are breakable; instead, when they are assembled, they become incredibly robust. You can order these boxes with various customization options and color schemes.

Full Overlap Boxes

These boxes are just like cartons’ packaging but have lids overlapping them from top to bottom. These panels and lids fully overlap and offer high durability and strength to these boxes since they are used to store and ship heavy products.

Packaging Of Various Cartons

It is one of the most unusual types of chipboard packaging boxes and can be seen everywhere in our everyday lives. It comes in various specifications of measurements and sizes according to the needs of the business. The boxes’ final packaging needs to be tape or glued.

Therefore, they do not offer a closing lid option. Firms use these cartons to store and ship shallow items, and their worth has enhanced with the emergence of e-commerce over the past few years.

Furthermore, these boxes come in brown colors, but you can also have the color of your own choice for these retail packaging boxes according to the business requirements.

Pizza Slice Boxes

Pizza slice boxes are not only for pizzas, which is their central purpose but are also used for mailer boxes to ship various items. Like other custom chipboard boxes, pizza boxes are manufactured in various thicknesses depending upon the nature of the product.

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