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In Vitro Fertility IVF Procedure – Course, Stages of Treatment

The doctor qualifies patients for IVF treatment based on the medical history of both partners. The in vitro fertilization procedure consists of some stages. It begins with hormonal stimulation, followed by punctures and embryological procedures. The culmination of the entire process of in vitro Fertilization is the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity. Then the Best IVF Center in Pakistan enters the stage of waiting for the effect, which is difficult for many women, i.e. waiting for pregnancy.

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Step-by-step in vitro procedure

The in vitro procedure is an assisted reproduction technique that allows infertile couples to get pregnant. The in vitro procedure combines an egg cell with a sperm cell in laboratory conditions, i.e. outside the female reproductive system. Before this happens, the woman is usually subjected to hormonal stimulation, which allows her to obtain a more significant number of oocytes.

When they are ready for collection, the ovaries are punctured. The obtained egg cells are then transferred to the embryological laboratory, where Fertilization occurs. The developing embryos are carefully observed for several days, and on the 2nd, 3rd, or 5th day, the transfer takes place. Non-transferred embryos are frozen and can be used in future procedures in vitro.

Qualification for the in vitro program

The most crucial step for a couple trying to conceive is to consult an infertility specialist. During the visit, the doctor:
• conducts a thorough medical interview,
• analyzes the research results so far,
• recommends performing the necessary diagnostics.
On this basis, it can qualify patients for the procedure in vitro. This process consists of several stages.

Hormonal stimulation preceding in vitro Fertilization

In the beginning, the gynecologist prescribes hormonal stimulation for the patient, which allows for obtaining a more significant number of egg cells (so-called oocytes), which increases the chance of getting a normal embryo and the desired pregnancy.

The woman takes medication from the second or third day of the menstrual cycle. During this process, the patient should visit the clinic several times for stimulation monitoring. During these visits, the doctor checks the growth of the follicles. When they reach the correct size, the woman stops taking the medication.


The next step of the in vitro procedure is the collection of oocytes, i.e. ovarian puncture – an approach that lasts only several minutes and is performed under short-term general anesthesia. On the same day, if the couple uses their partner’s sperm, the man is asked to donate his sperm. After the puncture, there is a visit during which the doctor informs about the number of collected oocytes.

In vitro Fertilization – embryological procedures

Then, the in vitro procedure is carried out; the embryologist, in laboratory conditions, fertilizes the egg cells with properly prepared sperm. According to law, in vitro Fertilization can be performed on six oocytes at a time – their surplus can be cryopreserved, i.e. frozen.

Embryo transfer

On the second, third, or fifth day of embryo development, one or two embryos are transferred – their number depends on the doctor’s decision, and it is made based on the couple’s medical situation. The patient is informed by phone about the procedure the day before. The doctor inserts the embryo into the uterine cavity during the transfer using a special catheter.

The woman receives further recommendations on taking medications to support the development of pregnancy. About two weeks after the puncture, the patient should have a beta HCG blood test to check if pregnancy has been achieved.

Recommendations before in vitro

Before the in vitro procedure, it is worth preparing your body for it. When thinking about pregnancy, you should think about a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, physical activity, and mental condition, which is why you should get enough sleep and avoid unnecessary stress. Before IVF, you should follow the doctor’s instructions, take the correct doses of drugs at the appointed time, attend appointments, and perform the tests you will order. If any worrying symptoms appear, consult your doctor.

Procedure in vitro?

The duration of the IVF in Lahore procedure largely depends on the length of hormonal stimulation and what protocol will be used. With the short protocol, the entire in vitro procedure is performed in one menstrual cycle. On the other hand, a long protocol requires 5-8 weeks of preparation. When patients ask how long an in vitro procedure takes, they often mean the time from a puncture to transfer. It may be different here too. Usually, 2, 3, or 5-day-old embryos are transferred.

Genova Fertility Centre
Genova Fertility Centre

In vitro treatment – price

In vitro Fertilization depends on many factors, such as the additional procedures used, the type and amount of drugs, and whether the woman can take advantage of co-financing for drugs. Much also depends on the health of both the woman and the man. The possibility of freezing embryos also affects the price of the in vitro procedure; they can significantly reduce the cost of subsequent attempts to achieve pregnancy.

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