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Facebook Reels Not Showing? How to Fix it

Reels are the newest trends that are exciting and are being followed by many people, nowadays this trend is also available on Facebook along with Instagram. 

While this feature must be available to the users on their account but it can be difficult to find, and there are many people who are wondering why can I see reels on Facebook

So, if Facebook reels are not visible to you then you shouldn’t worry as this blog will help you in fixing this error on your device. Fixing the reel issue does not takes a lot of time, but it can be done very easily so without any further ad, let us begin to get to know about it. 

Ways to fix Reels Not Showing on Facebook 

These are some of the ways to fix Facebook reels not showing on iphone or on android devices so that you can get rid of the issue you are facing with Facebook reels. 

Ensure that Reels Are Enabled for Your Account 

The first thing you are supposed to do is to ensure that reels are eligible for your Facebook account because if reels are not eligible for your account none of the ways will work for you. 

To get the reels on your account you are supposed to get the latest version of Facebook app and if you are below 18 years old, you will be able to see reels of other people but your reels will be private. 

Try to Access Your Facebook Account on a Different Device 

For various reasons, Facebook may show reels without any issues on one device whereas, on the other device, it may create issues. So, you can check if reels are showing on other devices or not by logging into your Facebook account on another device. 

If you are able to see the reels button on the other device then the problem lies with your device and you must change it if you want to watch reels on your device. 

If Facebook reel music not loading on both devices then you have to try other ways which have been mentioned in this blog for you to fix the problem with it. 

Looking for Reels in the Right Section 

Depending on the device you are using to browse Facebook, reels can be located in various sections and it is important to look for the right place to find the reels. 

  • Currently, you can find the reels in the following places and you can look them there on your device – 
  • After you have opened the app you will find a reels button below the section where you can write the status of your account. 
  • You can look for the menu section where you have to type reels in the search bar to look for them. 
  • A widget that has several reels will appear on your news feed after you have scrolled for some time. 

If Facebook reels not showing on your device yet, then you must try the next way which we are showing on your device. 

Updating the Facebook App 

Many of the Facebook bugs like being unable to comment or other things can be fixed simply when you will update the app. Facebook releases many updates which contain many important fixes for bugs. 

Therefore, whenever you are facing any bug with Facebook the first thing you must do is check whether you have the latest update of Facebook on your device or not, and if not, then you must immediately update your Facebook application to the latest update.

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