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Choosing the right pair of earrings can make your temperament look more beautiful. Today I will tell you how to choose earrings for little fairies. which can be selected according to personal economic ability. You can also view at asos discount code NHS.

Choose according to material

The common earring materials on the market mainly include alloy earrings, silver earrings, gold earrings and platinum earrings, etc.,

Choose According to Skin Type

Earrings of different materials appear in different colors, so when choosing earrings, you should choose earrings according to your skin color.

For example, if your skin is yellow, you should avoid gold earrings and silver earrings when choosing earrings. This is because yellow skin is darker, and gold earrings and silver earrings are shiny, and wearing them on the ears will make their skin tone darker.

Pick by size

Earrings on the market are of different sizes. Large earrings have a more obvious decorative effect, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, that is, they are relatively heavy, so when we choose earrings, we should choose according to the bearing capacity of our ears.

Choose according to shape

 The shape of earrings is a key factor in determining their popularity. Generally speaking, everyone likes earrings with unique and beautiful shapes.

However, when buying gold earrings, you should avoid buying those with particularly exaggerated shapes, because gold is soft and easily deformed during daily wearing, thus losing its original beauty.

Choose according to face shape

 The shape of the earrings should suit your face shape. If your face is round, then when choosing earrings, you should choose hanging earrings, which can visually lengthen your face.

How to buy earrings

There are many types of earrings, and these various earrings provide different feelings to female friends. All female friends who have had their ears pierced will wear earrings, and sometimes they will sleep with them. It seems that it has naturally become an indispensable thing around you.

Earrings can enhance a person’s temperament as long as they are worn well. They are only decorations, but as long as this decoration is selected correctly, you will become the eye-catching one. You can also visit at pretty little things discount code NHS


  1. First, when I buy earrings, I will choose to buy them in a physical store, because I can better and more timely know whether they are suitable for this earring.
  2. Second, when I buy earrings, I will not choose too exaggerated earrings. The simpler the earrings, the better they match your clothes. The too exaggerated earrings are not perfect for everyone.
  3. Third, when I buy earrings, I will choose according to my makeup. If you like light makeup or relatively pure makeup, then I recommend choosing short cute or silver ones. If it is a more retro makeup, you can choose retro earrings , which can better highlight your temperament.
  4. Fourth, when I buy earrings, I will choose earrings that suit my face shape. If you have a round face, you can try to choose long and thinner earrings. If you have a thin face, you can choose some earrings with shapes such as diamond-shaped circles.
  5. Fifth, when I buy earrings, I will choose earrings that can match my clothes. Personally, I think the color of earrings should not be too different from my clothes. Exaggerated transition colors will greatly reduce personal charm

Tips for buying earrings

Look at the face shape to buy earrings tips: big face, square face, long face, heart-shaped face (that is, the face with a pointed chin), melon face, oval face. Buyers also check at new look Discount code NHS

Choose earrings according to face shape

  1. People with large faces : round earrings should not be used, it is better to wear larger earrings or triangular or drop-shaped earrings to reduce the wide feeling of the cheeks;
  2. Smaller people : medium-sized earrings are suitable, preferably no more than 2-3 cm from the earlobe; people with a shapely face set off long earrings and dangling earrings to create a visual effect of stretching up and down, and look more mature and mature. pretty;
  3. People with an oval face : suitable for earrings of any shape, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the earrings to match their overall feeling. Since the contour of the oval face is relatively soft, if you choose earrings with similar contour shapes, such as pearls, droplets, circles Or oval earrings are the best;
  4. People with square face : suitable for oval, flower, heart-shaped earrings, which can be well softened and modified face water chestnut;
  5. People with long faces : It is best to choose round earrings that fit closely to the ears to reduce the sense of vertical extension.
  6. People with heart-shaped faces : You can choose earrings that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top to balance the feeling of a pointed chin. Drop-shaped, triangle-shaped or stud earrings are all suitable. In addition asos discount code NHS, if the earlobe is larger, you can choose fine earrings; if the earlobe is smaller, you should choose a slightly larger earring to make it stand out

Choose the earrings by the object type

Girls with round faces should wear dangling earrings and long necklaces; women with long faces should choose to wear round earrings; people with square faces should wear small and exquisite earrings or earrings to show their character.

Delicate women : It is not advisable to wear large-sized jewelry, but small and delicate jewelry; for tall people, small jewelry should not be worn asos discount code NHS.

Otherwise, it looks too stingy. The matching of hair and earrings should follow the principle of long matching long, short matching short, and consistent hair style earrings.

Long hair and long and narrow earrings can show ladylike style; short hair and delicate earrings can set off women’s shrewdness; classic bun with pendant earrings makes people elegant and noble.

A girl dressed as a lady : The earrings should be small and elegant, which gives a sense of purity. Professional women can wear a simple earring matching suit to work, which is both feminine and dignified.

Exaggerated geometric figures, rough wooden earrings, and giant gypsy-style round earrings have a wild taste asos discount code NHS.

Matching with jeans and jackets, they can make people feel bold and modern, and have a unique charm. Genuine earrings are suitable for dinner parties, which are both luxurious and feminine.

Kind Tips

This year’s popular earrings are the product of common styles and colors. Various forms of large and small hoop earrings are deeply loved by female friends who are independent, bold, simple and generous, because they are extra-large earrings in the star’s favor.

Wearing it caused a whirlwind of popularity. Whether curly hair, short hair, etc. can show different personal charm.

When choosing earring materials, it is not necessary to choose high-end items such as platinum jewelry, emeralds and diamonds. You can also choose various earrings with a combination of semi-precious stones and silver. The colors are rich and the styling options are also large.

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