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How To Become a Successful Part-Time Real Estate Agent

For those looking to jump into the real estate field, starting as a part-time real estate agent is a great way to try your hands on. The real estate business provides an excellent opportunity for a lucrative and gratifying side hustle. You should have the skill of patience, personability, and time management to become a successful part-time real estate agent.

Before starting, in case you’re wondering if you can or can not be a real estate agent the answer is, yes. Yes, you can. But you need to commit, handle the risk, and always keep your chin up. 

Get Your Real Estate License

To be able to legally offer real estate services, you need to secure a real estate license. The length of time and cost to acquire the license depend on the geographic location you’re located in. No matter in which area you’re trying to get licensed, you need to complete prelicensing education. Search for courses that are easy to understand and access according to your time convenience. Let us break down the steps for you of securing the real estate license:

  • Complete a pre licensing course.
  • Take real estate practice exams.
  • Pass the final real estate exam.
  • Get your license registered with your state.
  • Find a brokerage to work with.

The process of securing a real estate license can be a little complicated. Take help from the above-shared procedure and start working today to become a successful part-time real estate agent. 

Join A Brokerage

All part-time real estate agents must choose a brokerage to work with clients – regardless of whether they’re working full-time or part-time. It’s important to decide on joining a brokerage firm based on your business plan and what type of real estate you want to specialize in. Before taking the decision, review and compare the commission plans, and inquire about the reputation of the real estate brokerage, whether you’re looking to join solo or with a team.

Learn Time Management

Since initially real estate is a part-time gig for you, it’s essential to work on your schedule and time boundaries. Make sure that it should not intrude on your other professional and personal commitments. Part-time real estate should be exactly – part-time, your current income source should be your first priority. Although there are many ways to manage your time you can consider adding some ideas:

  • Always schedule your day in advance.
  • Take the help of tools to streamline tasks. 
  • Set aside some non-work time.
  • Track your leads.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Reduce distractions.

Outline A Business Plan

Now that you have acquired the license and decided on the brokerage to work with, start working on the business plan. In order to outline a realistic business plan, you should have a firm grip on how much time and resources you’re looking to invest in the real estate business. That includes elements such as sales & marketing, financial management, projected income, and legal strategies you’ll be operating. 

Work on the business plan with a formal document that includes actionable insights and a concrete vision to help you become a successful part-time real estate agent. Key elements you should consider while writing a business plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Analysis
  • Industry & Competition Analysis
  • Target Audience
  • Financial & Marketing Planning

Invest In Relevant Technology

If you want to become an efficient, productive, and successful part-time real estate agent. You will need a well-ordered and cost-effective tool to manage your real estate business. To distribute all your workload go with a simple and powerful tool, Picktime. Picktime is a real estate appointment scheduling software. If you’re not already using Picktime, we strongly urge you to do so. It has a plethora of benefits and features. 

Picktime has a user-friendly interface to handle your team, payments, invoicing, and resource management. Using Picktime you get 24×7 email support with SMS & Email reminders of bookings. You can access your personalized business page dashboard at multiple locations. With Picktime you get customized forms to know your customers in advance. You can also get a detailed reports view of all customer data, appointment history, and other business activities. 

Sign up for free today and drive more sales in your real estate and property management business.

Start Networking and Generate Leads

Every business is built on strong relationships with customers. Successful agents are already skilled in maintaining good relations with existing & potential clients. In the aspiration of becoming a successful part-time real estate agent the faster you grow your expertise in influence and leadership, the better it is. Solid connections in the market give a solid stream of leads. In some cases, online advertising can also result in the best avenue. Regardless of what approach you take, make sure to have a steady supply of interested and engaged consumers. 

As we already mentioned, being a successful part-time real estate agent is possible but it’s a difficult course to follow. Take help from the above-mentioned tips to launch your real estate business and keep hustling. 

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