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How Long Does It Take To Move A Murphy Bed?

When you’re moving into a new place and don’t have much space, it might seem like it would be easier to simply get rid of your bed and sleep on the floor instead. However, there are many benefits to making space for an old-fashioned Murphy bed in your room or apartment, not least of which being that it doesn’t take up much floor space and can easily be hidden away when guests come over. Plus, with the right setup, you can make the bed disappear before you even climb into it!

Murphy Bed Tips & How Long Does It Take to Move One

This is a type of furniture that, when unfolded, becomes an extra room in your home. It saves space and provides you with much-needed extra living space. Check out the following tips for Murphy Bed safety, as well as how long it takes for professional movers to install one:

1. Safety first – It’s important to make sure any railing on your stairs are secure and sturdy before installing a Murphy Bed. And if you have children or pets, be careful not to leave anything they can climb on or fall off of while the bed is down. Once installed, make sure all stairs are blocked off.

2.  Know what size you need – Murphy Beds come in different sizes, so measure the space where you want to put one before buying one.

Tools Do I Need To Move A Murphy Bed

The first thing you will need to do is assemble your tools. In general, you will need:

• A power drill with bits 

• Screwdriver;

• Clamps;

• Tin snips to cut metal Screws or nails (depending on where you are moving the bed).

Next, decide how you want the Murphy bed to be situated in its new location. Consider what space is available and what furniture might be nearby that could affect how high up the mattress can go. You will want at least two feet of clearance above the top of the Murphy bed when opened as well as two feet on either side for easy access.

Murphy bed use for your Home

Murphy beds are usually easy to assemble, but they do require some time. If you’re just looking for the average assembly time for this type of furniture, plan on about 2 hours. However, if you want to get specific and know how many screws are needed, or what type of tools are necessary for the job, then this guide will give you some more detailed information. This guide will cover how long it takes for assembly for various types of murphy beds that we offer.

The Step-By-Step Instructions For Moving A Murphy Bed

The first step in moving your Murphy Bed is to assemble the frame. Next, attach one side of the mattress to the frame. Then, attach the other side of the mattress on top of the first. Finally, assemble and attach the headboard and footboard.  Place the mattress face down onto the frame and roll out to an upright position. There you have it! You’ve now assembled and moved your Murphy Bed all by yourself!  The entire process should only take about fifteen minutes from start to finish.

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