Choose lovely gift baskets for friends and family

Sending gifts to loved ones always make them feel special. It does not have to be a festival or a particular occasion but one can just send gifts to people they love so that it can strengthen their bonds. 

These days friends and family stay in different cities because of work and other things. Hence, meeting in person becomes difficult. But sending gifts are not. One can easily send gifts to Pakistan online because there are plenty of online gift sites from where one can order.

Gift baskets or gift hampers are the perfect gift items if one is not going for a particular occasion. Here are a few ideas:

Chocolate Basket

From kids to adults, almost everyone loves chocolates. Hence, sending a chocolate basket to a friend or a family member can be a lovely idea. One can take a basket and fill it in with different variations of chocolates. From milk chocolates to Cadbury’s, from dark chocolates to chocolate wafers – everything can be added there. If one wants something special – then adding a box of gourmet chocolates can make it even more special.

Fruit Basket

If one eats healthy then sending them a fruit basket can never go wrong. Here, one can add some fresh fruits of the season. Since summer is almost here, one can add mangoes, watermelons, guavas and black grapes to the basket. Some small packs of dry fruits like nuts, pistachios and almonds can also be added to make the basket an elaborate one.

Snacks Basket

Most people are fond of snacks. Hence, sending them a snack basket always fits the bill. Here, one can add all the delicious snack items they want to. In these baskets what one mostly adds are pack of chips, nachos, popcorns and other salty things. It is also a good idea to add some cupcakes, jelly beans and other sweet things because not everyone is fond of salt.

Beauty Basket

For your partner, sister or your best friend – one can always prepare this basket to make them feel special. Here, one can add a face wash, a body wash, a moisturizer, a body scrub, a set of lipsticks and a nice body mist. Best thing about this gift basket is one can make it elaborate or small depends on the budget one has.

Tea and Coffee Basket

This can be sent to parents or grandparents for whom a good morning cup of brew is essential. One can add plain Darjeeling tea and a few small pouches of jasmine tea, rose tea, oolong tea and other variations so that they can try them too. A bottle of freshly ground coffee is always welcome in this basket. Apart from them – it is a good idea to add some nice cookies and tea cakes in the basket to make it look complete.


For online gifts to Pakistan, one can select a nice gift basket from the site and then send it to their loved ones. Once ordered – they reach the destination without any sort of hassle.

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