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Chatbots on Instagram: How to Operate Them to Increase Conversions and Sales

Chatbots are automated conversational bots that are integrated into Instagram. When you talk to chatbots, you’re in the conversation with no natural person Comprar Curtidas Instagram but instead using an automated computer. Chatbots on Instagram can send welcoming messages to followers who join the platform and send automated messages to people who message you via DM. The benefit of having chatbots is that it is available 24/7 and can have many one-on-one chats at once. Click here

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t yet provide an in-app option native to the app to embed a chatbot. To improve your customer interactions, you’ll have to utilize third-party apps that allow chatbots to be created in only a couple of clicks.

Do not confuse chatbots found on Instagram with Instagram bots!

Instagram bots, also known as fake accounts, are ones that companies and wannabe influencers purchase to look like they’ve got a massive following. They have more comments and likes than they receive. They try to appear like real people with followers but need to be more skilled at it. When posting comments with random items made chiefly of emojis, send out bizarre DMs, and their accounts do not appear alive.

Can Instagram chatbots be legal?

Absolutely. But as a company, it’s not advisable to try and make a chatbot appear like a human being since it needs to be more transparent. In addition, chatbots are more adaptable than humans regarding problem-solving and decision-making. So if a customer asks a question not addressed in a chatbot dialog scenario, it’s likely that the chatbot cannot answer it.

This means that customers end up talking to the natural person. If this occurs, your chatbot should refrain from pretending to be a human agent and not ruin the overall customer experience.

What is the process behind how Instagram chatbots function?

Chatbots’ function is simple: your customer performs what you think is an act of conversion within your current funnel for marketing (for example, if they text you in a DM, follow you, or make comments). Then after a short period, the bot will respond with the scenario you have created beforehand.

Chatbots can do the following: in the present:

  • Instantly respond to Instagram DMs, providing exact information regarding your product or services.
  • Make reminders available in Instagram DM chats. You can also restart the chat in case the user has been distracted.
  • Find leads like emails and telephone numbers.
  • Send orders straight to DMs and then send the information into your CRM software.
  • Join followers for webinars, workshops, and other events.
  • Please include it in your stories to increase the number of likes and comments.
  • Run giveaways. All you have to do is create your scenario, and the bot is responsible for the entire giveaway from the beginning until the end.
  • Create the sales funnel: You create a sequence of messages that lead customers through the various sales funnel stages, and chatbots will complete the process for you.
  • Respond to messages in several languages: communicating with different languages is essential for businesses with many customers. For example, up to 80 percent of customers prefer to purchase after a personal experience. Speaking the same language as your customers significantly contributes to this personalization.

Different types of Instagram chatbots

It’s only possible to advertise on Instagram by contacting your followers and customers. To answer any questions your clients might ask, you’ll require various functions of chatbots. Let’s examine the most commonly used types. melhor site para comprar Curtidas Instagram

Responder to the Instagram Story bot

Responding to the story’s reactions shows your followers that you are interested and are aware of the responses of your followers. However, it’s challenging to respond to every reply by hand because it’s time-consuming and overwhelming, particularly if you already have many followers.

In this case, chatbots could help set up the reaction that will trigger the chatbot.

For example, the messages the chatbot has to send could be essential “Thank you” notes, or you could go a step further and include an image, GIF, or a picture in the response.

Instagram DM bots for answering repetitive questions

You and your employees can’t be available 24/7. Still, more than 50% of customers expect online businesses to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and respond to messages immediately.

However, it takes more work for companies to provide exceptional customer service on social networks constantly. In this case, chatbots can help. All you need to do is make sure that you have some of the questions that are most often asked that trigger the bot, And there you can go!

Orders can be placed directly through DM

Many Instagram chatbots can respond in a DM and accept orders directly from the chat. As a result, it is possible to speed up your customer’s journey and process orders faster. Compre curtidas barato Instagram

Provide product recommendations based on the preferences of the users

Most customers prefer buying from a business that offers an experience tailored to their needs. You can also tailor it using a chatbot, as bots can tailor product recommendations according to the user’s DM requests.

Get your opinion on Facebook

Collecting customer feedback is vital for businesses because it helps them improve customer service, thereby increasing customer loyalty and sales. Unfortunately, Instagram’s shopping tool native to the platform is called Instagram shopping and does not yet permit customers to leave feedback on product cards.

Instead, you must invite your customers to leave their comments through your Facebook page. A lot of Instagram chatbots will assist you in this process by sending an email to the customer.

How can you boost sales and conversions using Instagram chatbots?

Let’s look at the five strategies to boost sales and conversions with chatbots available on Instagram.

Begin your chat with an opening message.

This is a fundamental strategy that every company using chatbots must employ. What’s the deal? The basis of this approach is that the empty DM window does not increase conversion rates. The best thing to do is make it simple for your client to start your chat by including an initial message the chatbot will broadcast after the user opens the DM dialog window. It could be a message containing a quick reference, essential information, hotkeys to placing orders, or even a simple ‘How can I help you right now?’ and the answers.

Create responses to the reactions of stories.

It is clear that there are bots who can do just that with the mention of stories triggered. This can be a kind of automated thank you message to the people who have reacted to your reports using emoticons and words. The prompt and timely response helps to build the quality of posts of users because a person who follows notices that the brand takes care of its customers.

Alongside the reply, you could offer a coupon code or discount. This can transform a conversation into a second purchase. comprar curtidas instagram 2022

Automate the keyword search

The primary function of chatbots is to begin an exchange when a customer is looking to purchase. To accomplish this, it is possible to set up words like “buy, shipping, ” “purchase, ” “discount, ” etc. After recognizing these, the chatbot will respond with one of the predefined responses.

To simplify this strategy, select simple, plain keywords and include CTAs within your Instagram posts, stories, reels, live streams, and Instagram bios to boost conversions.

Use a standard reply

A chatbot will send a standard common reply when it does not detect any words in a query from a client. Create a standard reply for all DM messages to ensure that you keep a client and keep them from waiting. The most common response is an opening message that provides a customer with advice on what to do to avoid waiting for a human agent’s answer. When placing a charge like this, get answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

Respond to comments automatically

It functions the same way as story responses. However, if you can send an automatic, personalized message to each comment, you start the conversation and show you are concerned.

This method is particularly efficient for Instagram accounts with followers that are particularly active in their remarks or who frequently organize giveaways.

A few more suggestions to increase sales and conversions using chatbots that are on Instagram:

  • Begin a conversation by asking an easy question to get the customer’s attention.
  • Utilize quick reply buttons to help customers engage and not force them to type replies independently. This will increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent.
  • Find emails as well as phone numbers directly within the chatbot.

Chatbots on Instagram: Common mistakes

Instead of concluding, we’ll briefly discuss the rules of engagement after the various do’s we’ve discussed. But first, this is what you should not do when using chatbots.

Human agents should not be able to handle complex inquiries.

Chatbots can handle simple questions but will need help dealing with complicated inquiries. It is impossible to think of every possible scenario and turn, so make room for humans to help with these questions.


Spam is a source of irritation for people. Chatbots allow you to provide customers with personalized suggestions and even greet them when they join your lead. It’s great when used in moderation.

However, if you become excessively aggressive in those of your friends’ DMs, it won’t cause anything other than irritation. You also risk being banned by a user or even Instagram.

Chatbots that make inappropriate responses

You’ve probably had the experience If you pose a question on the chat or application and get an incredibly inappropriate or even unfitting response. This is the result of companies needing to think about the conversation’s flow in a thorough manner. Comprar reais Curtidas Instagram

For instance, specific bots are programmed to only respond with a yes or no answer or answer negatively or affirmatively if they can’t comprehend the question. So again, this is the reason your business needs to take the time to think about chat scenarios.

Too lengthy replies

Make chatbots brief and easy to understand. If your response needs to be long, you should separate the text by spaces – don’t make it look like an extended text sheet. The best approach is to convey even the most complicated information concisely and straightforwardly.

There are no responses at all

This is more damaging than replies that are not in turn. When a user inquires, they’re hoping to hear from someone who can answer their question, and you shouldn’t let a customer go without it.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that if the bot does not know the query or there is no question in the scenario or situation, it won’t respond in any way. To avoid this, go carefully through the conversation flow and then come up with the most common response, even if there’s something that an automated system can do.

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