A Complete Guide To Design Durable And Attractive Custom Sport Boxes

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It is admitted that the sports industry is quite big. And it is evident from crazy football, cricket, and baseball fan following. Hence, they love to buy and place sports goods at their place.  Consequently, its immense demand has increased the production of custom sport boxes. And the durable packaging secures the items and prevents them from damage. Hence sturdy, long-lasting, and practical sports packaging is a must-have. So, we have gathered key points to design unique packaging at the best rate. No more wasting time; let’s jump into the details!

Rigid custom sports boxes

Rigid stock, as the name tells, is a thick paperboard. It is relatively expensive and has unique characteristics. It is quite strong, durable, and long-lasting. And it is a very versatile packaging substrate. It means it offers endless customization margins. Besides, it is available in two designs: foldable and non-foldable. Both have the same qualities, but they differ slightly in their assemblage. The former is shipped flat, while the latter is delivered pre-assembled. Hence the non-foldable requires more space and more fare! The rigid stock is customizable in any shape, size, or design. And it provides top-notch protection for enclosed sports items.

Custom sports boxes with windows

In every industry, boxes with PVC sheets are commonly used. And the same goes for the packaging of sports goods.  You can pack the cricket kit, footballs, etc., in this box style. It is a style that speaks for itself. It excites the sports lover and educates them about the packed items. As a result, it triggers impulse buying, and they finally add the sports box to the cart.

Boxes with inserts

Have you ever noticed the packaging of a cricket kit? It has a bat, ball, batting pads, and a helmet.  The inserts keep all the items organized and prevent them from mixing. Thus it gives the custom sports boxes a presentable look. Moreover, the custom dividers make the packaging handy. And the buyers can easily pick up the item and put it back. Hence it makes wholesale sports packaging long-lasting and multipurpose.

Custom sports boxes with logo

Several elements make your custom sports packaging a big hit. As we know that customized packaging is a powerful branding tool. So smart packaging and creative designs help the brand in the long run. For example, it offers an infinite customization margin. You can print the sports logo, images, and slogan to attract customers. And it also makes your sports company credible. And loyal customers just look at the branded logo and buy your product. Isn’t that amazing? Hence all you need is a well-designed artwork, and you are good to go!

Environmentally friendly packaging

Do you know that kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated are 100% biodegradable? Yes, they are. It doesn’t add up to landfills, pollution, or greenhouse gas emissions. Thus it is a safe packaging option.  Moreover, the cardboard and rigid give accurate printing results. You can print any color, design, or artwork, and it will look amazing. But for shipping, the corrugated is the best option. It can withstand high pressure and keeps the goods safe during transit.  Thus you are free to pick any packaging substrate; it will not damage the environment.

Informative packaging style

We agree that attractive and durable sports boxes are important. But it doesn’t undermine the importance of custom printed sport packaging.

For example, the customer is looking for a football. So following questions will pop up in his mind.

  • What is the ball size?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • What is the ball’s color?
  • Is it pricy?

And the informative or communicative packaging is the answer to all the questions. It satisfies the customers and helps them buy the right football.

The perfect size packaging

The accurate size boxes tell a lot about your brand’s excellence. It shows that you care for the planet and the people. The reason is that the packaging of the proper-sized sport uses the required material. As a result, it encourages the smart use of resources.  Hence it saves labor and assemblage cost. And on top of that, it gives the sports lover a premium unboxing experience.

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